About Us

My name is Anne, I am from East Coast Canada. Having been born and raised in the Maritimes, I have an incredible appreciation for all things old, worn that carry with them a story about how they came to be that way.

Some of my fondest memories as a child are of a summer farm home we owned in Roman Valley. It had wide planked floor boards that were painted in places and worn from walking in others. It had chippy painted doors and cool iron door knobs that seemed to lead to magical places. The wood stove was always warm beside the green painted cabinets that had chipped away to show the yellow paint from before. The aging but comforting tea kettle wall paper, lined the walls of the kitchen, peeling in many places, but I loved every inch of it.

What I discovered over the years was, I was not alone! There were others with my love of a dresser with just the exact right chippy edges, and paint worn handles that made you lie in bed looking at it imagining all the other people who enjoyed it over the years.

Life is short and we should live a life of comfort and joy in our homes! Classic, simplistic, timeless pieces are treasures for years to come. They never go out of style.

I hope you will let me create the kind of memories your children and their children will share for years to come. They can only come from moments and things that last a lifetime. Let your life be timeless in a way that only gorgeous rustic wood can allow.

~♥~ Anne

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